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Do you have a sports injury?

As well as offering general osteopathy services, we also offer expert sports injury treatment within Yeovil and the surrounding regions.


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We have numerous methods of treatment that we carry out for various physical problems.

Cranial Osteopathy - What to expect from us?

Are you feeling stressed? Or maybe you are suffering from mysterious pain and are searching for a treatment? You could even have chronic muscle pains - whatever your physical problem is, we understand it can be linked also to your mental health. Our osteopaths will use their highly trained sense of touch to treat your problem.

You are in safe hands with Essential Osteopaths

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Our treatments are tailor-made to the individual. Two patients may present themselves with pain in a similar site, but the causes may be very different - so our approach will be different. To learn more, get in touch. If you are housebound or would struggle to get into the office then we can arrange a home visit for an extra cost.

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